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Are You a Good Leader?

Written by Justin Cohen

“Leader” is not a name that you give to yourself; it’s an earned title, declared by the people that surround you everyday. It takes a clear vision and effective communication to scratch the surface as a trusted mentor. It’s a consistent attitude that motivates and inspires your team to reach new potentials. It’s being the best version of yourself and then trying to reach the next best version.

Unfortunately, not everyone knows how they are perceived, even if their goal is to be dynamic.

Here’s a few self reflecting questions that you can ask yourself to determine if you are or aren’t impacting those around you:

  1. Do you know your team?

  2. Is your energy contagious and motivating?

  3. Do you have the ability to listen and process other perspectives?

  4. Are you an inspiration to those around you?

  5. Is your team achieving at an optimum level?

  6. Do you refuse to blame others and take responsibility for yourself?

  7. Do you walk your talk?

  8. Can you handle criticism?

  9. Can you create structure without making a power play?

  10. Does your team call you a leader behind your back?

Be real with your assessment and if you feel that you are restrained from truthfully evaluating yourself, ask some team members you trust for some honest feedback. Listen closely to the messages in their response. Growth doesn’t come without introspection and self awareness. Being a leader is a way of life and a challenge worth taking.

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